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It’s funny how life seems to come full circle. It was Mobile Bay where the Dorgan children and the McAleer children spent their summer vacations next door to each other.  It was down County Road 1, known then as Mullet Point that the families became close.  Most days were spent swimming in the bay, skiing or fishing- the simple air conditioners, computers or game boys.  It was just good old fashioned outside play. Neighbors being good neighbors and neighborhood children playing together.

All this changed, however, on June 8, 1968 when childhood friends, Patty McAleer and Billy Dorgan became husband and wife. The couple will tell you “We entered into the holy sacrament of matrimony, thus, the two families were married.”

They spent the next 40 years raising six children and managing the family-owned   Krispy Kreme business. The family business took Billy, Patty and their children away from Mobile for many years.  In 2004 Billy came home one day and announced, “It’s time to go home.”

Their search for the perfect home on Mobile Bay ended when they came across an old family vacation home built in 1848.  Spending 3 years renovating not only that home, but two more homes that also sit on the five acres, they are the proud owners of what is now known as Dorgan’s Inn.

Happy to be home and pleased with the renovation project, the couple decided the property should be available to more than just family.... “It must be shared. We want other families to experience Mobile Bay as we did growing up as kids.  It’s a truly magical place that every family should have the opportunity to experience at least once.”

Billy and Patty now enjoy Dorgan’s Inn not only with their 6 children and 15 grandchildren, but also with guests and other families from all over the country.

They both agree, “It’s great to be home.”